SPF Project Community Vote: Official Project Domains

Election supervisor: Julian Mehnle (julian@mehnle.net)
Announced end of election: Thursday, 2005-06-30 00:00 UTC
Actual time election ended: Wed Jun 29 20:04:32 2005
Private election (40 authorized voters)
Actual votes cast: 34
Number of winning choices:
Condorcet completion rule: Beatpath Winner/SSD    CIVS Ranked Pairs    MAM    (What is this?) 

Election description

This vote allows the community of the SPF Project to choose official domains for the project website and mailing lists. Based on council resolution #14 , on the results of the vote, and on the availability of the winning domains' TLD variants, the SPF Council will then declare "no less than two, and no more than four domains [...], comprising no more than two second-level-domain variants and two top-level-domain variants" to become the official domains for the SPF Project. Any questions about the vote should be directed to the spf-discuss mailing list or directly to the Council Secretary .

Condorcet winner

The Condorcet winner of this election is openspf, open-spf.

Ranking of the choices

1. openspf, open-spf
2. spfclassic, spf-classic  loses to openspf, open-spf by 23–9
3. spf-mail  loses to openspf, open-spf by 25–8, loses to spfclassic, spf-classic by 19–11
4. senderpolicy, sender-policy  loses to openspf, open-spf by 26–6, loses to spf-mail by 16–13
5. emailspf, email-spf  loses to openspf, open-spf by 29–4, loses to senderpolicy, sender-policy by 14–13
6. spf-email (.org only)  loses to openspf, open-spf by 30–3, loses to emailspf, email-spf by 12–5
7. Tied:
mail-spf, mailspf  loses to openspf, open-spf by 31–2, loses to spf-email (.org only) by 10–9
sender-policy-framework (no .com)  loses to openspf, open-spf by 31–2, loses to spf-email (.org only) by 12–11
9. spfhelp, spf-help  loses to openspf, open-spf by 29–3, loses to mail-spf, mailspf by 14–12
10. espf, e-spf  loses to openspf, open-spf by 31–0, loses to spfhelp, spf-help by 12–10
11. spfv1, spfv-1  loses to openspf, open-spf by 31–2, loses to espf, e-spf by 11–5
12. spf1 (.org only), spf-1  loses to openspf, open-spf by 31–2, loses to spfv1, spfv-1 by 8–3
13. mailfrom (.org only), mail-from (no .com)  loses to openspf, open-spf by 32–0, loses to spf1 (.org only), spf-1 by 10–6
14. v-spf1  loses to openspf, open-spf by 33–0, loses to mailfrom (.org only), mail-from (no .com) by 8–5

Preference matrix

The following matrix shows the number of ballots on which choices beat other choices, considered pairwise.
1. openspf, open-spf   -23252629303131293131313233
2. spfclassic, spf-classic   9-191919212120202222252627
3. spf-mail   811-1615161619181920212223
4. senderpolicy, sender-policy   61113-14171814211818172221
5. emailspf, email-spf   48813-121013141315161718
6. spf-email (.org only)   385105-1012121112141515
7. mail-spf, mailspf   2851179-13141314161819
8. sender-policy-framework (no .com)   2789101113-161414141817
9. spfhelp, spf-help   3796109128-1212121615
10. espf, e-spf   0648778910-11101213
11. spfv1, spfv-1   2457556865-8109
12. spf1 (.org only), spf-1   21464357853-109
13. mailfrom (.org only), mail-from (no .com)   013423444556-8
14. v-spf1   0034233653335-

Detailed results are also available.