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Council Meeting/2007-02-17

This was the second meeting of the third Council, see an IRC log for the details:

  • 16:20 Scott Kitterman anounced Postfix SPF support for both Perl and Python in the upcoming April release of Ubuntu Linux.
  • 16:28 Need to get pyspf and Mail::SPF packages into Fedora.
  • 16:32 Frank mentioned new https feature in openspf.org.
  • 16:39 Stuart requested adding queued errata to the agenda.
  • 16:43 Discussion of the process for dealing with queued errata begins.
  • 17:08 Council decides as follows:

Any RFC 4408 errata will be discussed in the SPF community (spf-discuss), followed by council consideration. Any erratum approved by a majority (3+) of council members plus at least one of the RFC authors (Wayne, Meng) will be forwarded to the RFC editor or put up as on an "outsourced" errata list for RFC 4408.

  • 17:13 Council decides as follows:

The council will ask Wayne and/or Meng to set a location on the openspf.org web site to be the official erratum list. Only council members/RFC authors are authorized to modify the list and none will modify the list until erratum are approved per the previous motion.

  • 17:15 Council discusses disclosure policy for (non-SPF) DNS DoS scenarios.
  • 17:39 A redacted version will be published if someone does it. Full text is delayed a week.
  • 17:40 Frank wants more public write access. The council debates the pros and cons, and decides that the Community page is good enough for the moment, but helpful pointers on how to copy pages from the official section to the Community section will be posted in the Community section and on the "unauthorized" page for the official section.
  • 17:59 Meeting adjourned.