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Council Meeting/2007-02-09

This was the first meeting of the third Council, see an IRC log for the details:

  • 18:46 we decided to have a regular meeting slot on Saturdays near 16:00..17:00 UTC.
  • 18:51 we thanked William for his job as election officer.
  • 18:54 we thanked Mark and Terry for volunteering as Council members.
  • 18:58 we expressed our thanks to the leaving Council members Mark, Mark, and William, inviting them to act as advisors for the new Council. (That's about posting rights on the Council list and IRC channel)
  • 19:01 we invited Wayne to stay an advisor. (A former Council resolution limited these invitations to one year)
  • 19:11 we thanked the support teams (trouble ticket system and help list) for their work.
  • 19:16 we managed to vote on a draft motion... ;-) Its drift is that we'll try to attract additional volunteers for the support teams.
  • 19:26 we decided to keep the position of a Council Chair.
  • 19:46 we decided to keep the position of a Council Secretary.
  • 20:02 we finally managed to convince Julian to stay the Council Chair.
  • 20:03 we got Stuart to be the Council Secretary. (Chronologically Julian first agreed to stay Chair after Stuart volunteered to be Secretary, IRC chats can be quite confusing :-)
  • 20:36 the meeting was adjourned, and the participants continued their chat on the #spf IRC channel.