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Council Meeting/2005-04-27

On Wednesday 2005-04-27 at 22:30 UTC, the council held a meeting on IRC. There was a pre-planned agenda. Chuck, Julian, Mark, and Wayne were present; Meng was absent.

Chairman's report. Chuck had nothing to report.

Executive Director's report. Meng was not present, so the Executive Director's report had to be skipped.

General operation of spf-announce. Press Releases on spf-announce. Julian wanted to have Meng present for discussion and for voting on the motions to push the press releases through the spf-announce announcement mailing list, so these items, too, had to be skipped.

Project website. Julian explained that he had been short on time so that there was nothing to report and that he had also waited for his Webmasters and Domains proposals to be approved by the council. Then the two proposals were unanimously adopted.

Status of the specification with regard to the IETF. Mark wondered how to interpret the prepared note from the IESG to the RFC Editor that suggests weakening of the "NOT RECOMMENDED" wording in section 2.4 of the specification to "not defined in this document". Wayne explained that no such change had actually taken place yet, and that he intended to include a clarification in the next specification draft release, draft-schlitt-spf-classic-01, of why checking SPFv1 records against non-HELO/MAIL FROM identities is not recommended. He also stated that he felt a need to contact the IESG and explain that the draft-schlitt-spf-classic line of specification drafts was neither a part of the IETF MARID working group nor of Sender-ID. Julian proposed making a formal resolution affirming the "NOT RECOMMENDED" wording. After brief discussion, it became clear that no such resolution had been passed before and that the last press release did not make any statements on the issue either, and so a resolution was proposed and unanimously adopted.

DNS load issue. Someone had asked Chuck to include this item in a meeting agenda several weeks ago, but no one remembered any unresolved issues that this item could have been meant to address, so the item was declared obsolete.

The meeting was then concluded at 23:21 UTC.

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