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Council Meeting/2005-03-02

On Wednesday 2005-03-02 at 22:15 UTC, the council held a meeting on IRC. There was a pre-planned agenda. Chuck, Julian, Mark, and Wayne were present; Meng was absent.

Chairman's Report. Chuck reported that he had created a draft for a press release stating the direction that the SPF specification has taken since the formation of the council, and clarifying the relation between SPF and Microsoft's Sender-ID. He had passed it to Julian for review, who had promised to deal with it before the weekend. Chuck also reported that a new member had been admitted to the AMSG committee.

Executive Director's Report. Meng was not present, so the Executive Director's report had to be skipped.

Response to the PR inquiry of Yakov Shafranovich. Yakov Shafranovich, a former member of the terminated IETF MARID working group, had contacted the council at the beginning of February and had inquired about various aspects of the SPF project for an article he planned to write. Yakov's questions had been discussed by the council during the previous weeks, and Julian now had prepared a draft response to his inquiry. He wanted the council to make final comments on the response, so several minor aspects were discussed before the response was formally approved. By agreement of the council, the response will be made public after Yakov's article has been published.

A new website. Julian reported that he had presented his plan for the creation of a new official project website to the spf-discuss mailing list. He added that the most important issue was to get appropriate hosting offers, and Chuck pointed out that Meng had stated that he would like to continue hosting the website at pobox.com. Regret about Meng's absence from the meeting was unanimously voiced, and so it was decided that Julian contact Meng directly with regard to pobox.com hosting. After some further chatter, it also turned out that shared editing access was commonly considered to be a key feature of the new website.

A new revision of draft-schlitt-spf-classic. Finally, Wayne reported that he had been working on the next (-01) revision of the SPF specification draft and that he planned to make a pre-release for public review very soon.

The meeting was then concluded at 23:20 UTC.

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